Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why pay full price for an IPhone 3G? Just open a new line!!

I'm not quite sure why people would decide to fork up retail $600 for the new IPhone 3G (when they don't meet AT&T's eligibility requirements). In my opinion, you're better off giving your original line to somebody else and opening a second line. Furthermore, you can put it all on a family plan and share some of the costs. There's an endless number of people in my family who would jump at the opportunity to join in on my plan. A month ago, my girlfriend was using a windows mobile device on T-Mobile, I was using a blackberrry on a seperate T-Mobile account, and my daughter was hassling me about buying her first phone. Well today, all three of us have IPhone 3G's, we are on the same family plan, we are much happier with the phone experience, and........ we are saving money!

As far as I understand, any new lines added to your plan are eligible for the special IPhone pricing. A no-brainer in my case.

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